20. 03. 2024

Amendments to Energy Laws bring strengthening of consumer rights and protection in the energy sector and the transfer of powers to ÚRSO in the field of state supervision

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic elaborated extensive amendments to four basic energy laws that mainly take account of the experience from the application practice. Amendments to the energy laws bring clearer invoices for consumers and extension of powers and new control competences for the Regulatory Office for Network Industries (ÚRSO), which means its stronger position. At the same time, ÚRSO obtains new powers from the Slovak Trade Inspection (SOI) in the field of state supervision. In addition to this, there are changes in exercising the ways of price regulation and regarding provisions relating to the imposition of obligations in the general economic interest. Amendments will also make it easier to connect renewable sources. Amendments to the energy laws are proposed to enter into force as of 1 July 2024, following the approval by the Slovak Parliament.

„We propose these amendments to respond to the practical situations that arose during the energy crisis and we put in place changes that have been lacking so far in our legislation. After the Parliament approves these changes, people will receive clearer invoices from energy suppliers, free of unnecessary advertising, and what is the most important; they will also obtain information on whether the tariff they pay for to their energy supplier, corresponds to their real consumption. Households can save on energy, by setting the tariff in a correct way,” Minister of Economy Denisa Saková claimed after the session of the Government.

These amendments also introduce a legislative obligation for electricity and gas suppliers to publish the price lists for electricity and gas supply that is not subject to price regulation and to regularly update them at least once in three months, particularly if there is a change in costs in electricity supply or gas supply for end consumers of electricity and gas. At the same time, new legal norms strengthen the ÚRSO control and regulatory powers. Thanks to this, it will be easier not only to control market players, but it will also be possible to regulate more effectively the whole chain in the energy sector.  Doing this, too, the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic wants to create prerequisites for the most effective pricing for end consumers. At the same time, price regulation is being introduced for access to the gas reservoir and gas storage facilities in order to increase the protection of gas consumers.

Last but not least, these legislative proposals amend the Act on Energy Efficiency of Buildings, the Act on Regular Inspection of Heating Systems and Air-Conditioning Systems, and the Act on Energy Efficiency, mainly as regards the transfer of state supervision from SOI to ÚRSO over complying with the obligations as laid down by these amendments. The amendments in question were approved by the Government of the Slovak Republic at its today´s session at the proposal of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Denisa Saková.


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