27. 02. 2024

Bosch business in Slovakia was influenced by decreasing demand

Bosch business in Slovakia reacts to decreasing demand for electric bicycles. Therefore, the company has made a strategic decision on halting the expansion of its production facilities, which also led to suspending the negotiations on potential investment near Záborské in eastern Slovakia. At the same time, Bosch confirmed that it is stopping its production in existing factory in Petrovany, which is also linked with a decline in demand. The decisions in question will not affect other, i. e. more than three thousand Bosch employees, working across Slovakia in different manufacturing sector.

“I have informed Bosch that our Ministry of Economy is ready to hold talks on any form of future collaboration, which would bring along the jobs to the regions of Slovakia," noted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Denisa Saková.

The current leadership of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic supports, in an active way, the cooperation with investors. As regards holding the talks with German investor, Bosch, the Ministry of Economy was prepared to make all necessary changes in the negotiating team and in addition, several solutions were also available for the purchase of land for Záborské residents, based on the new expert opinions. However, these steps did not manage to reverse the Bosch´s decision, affected by market factors, which is why the preparation of the Záborské industrial park will be stopped, too. The owners of the land will be allowed to again possess their land and will be able to negotiate regarding this with other potential investors.

Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic gives its fullest support to investors and their projects. Visits undertaken by the Minister of Economy D. Saková to the strategic parks, along with holding the talks with investors, as demonstrated by meeting the Winkelmann management, represent a regular part of such activities.


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