29. 02. 2024

Slovak Government stands ready for a revolution in the automotive industry. It decided on how to help the sector.

Holding the talks on expanding electric vehicles´ production including respective car parts. Ensuring a sufficient number of skilled workers. Working to increase an electricity transmission system as a key factor in the motor vehicle production. Making more effective an environmental impact assessment procedure. Measures outlined above, being among more than thirty tasks, represent results of negotiations held between Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and Slovak Automotive Industry Association representatives, while the Government of the Slovak Republic assigned the tasks among respective ministries at its session today.  Measures and tasks that were adopted, aim to assist in the transition of the automotive sector to new technologies, which will contribute to support and ensure environmental activities, sustainable growth and in the long term also sufficient job opportunities in the sector forming a significant share of the economy of Slovakia. Currently, the automotive sector accounts for 42% of Slovakia´s exports.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Denisa Saková therefore highlighted the importance of the measures for the future of the automotive sector in Slovakia. “Our goal is to ensure prosperity and innovations for the automotive industry in Slovakia. In our country, the sector employs more than 260,000 people and at its today´s session the Government decided on very specific steps aimed at helping it to transform to new technologies and prepare for the challenges that the car manufacturers in Europe are confronted with. Of course, we are working hard to make sure that Slovak households have enough job opportunities in 10 years in this sector, which plays a crucial role in our economy and makes up approximately 10 percent of our GDP”.  At the same time, the Government approved updated measures that should lead to the expansion and promotion of the electromobility in Slovakia. Besides strengthening the charging infrastructure, the reduction of some fees for electric cars will also be considered.

Today´s extraordinary session of the Government of the Slovak Republic follows up on the meeting the members of the Government held in Košice in January with the major representatives of the automotive industry. As well as a month ago, the Executive Vice-President of the European Commission Maroš Šefčovič, the management of five top car companies operating in Slovakia, representatives of the car battery industry, interest unions or associations and academia also took part in the session today.


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