16. 02. 2024

Slovakia to cooperate with the French company Framatome on nuclear education

The Memorandum of Understanding between the Slovak University of Technology (STU) in Bratislava and Framatome, the French company, was co-signed at the STU premises on 16 February 2024 by the State Secretary of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic Kamil Šaško, acting on behalf of the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Denisa Saková. The Memorandum is aimed at stimulating and supporting nuclear educational activities and research collaboration. The Ministry of Economy stresses the urgency of the challenges confronted by the nuclear energy in terms of lack of human capacities. The nuclear energy is crucial for the future of the Slovak energy. Signing the Memorandum will deepen the cooperation between Slovakia and French in nuclear energy and will also be useful for Slovakia in educating qualified experts in this field.

„The development of nuclear energy is important for the future of Slovakia and we must focus not only on the technologies, but also on educating the professionals that master them,” highlighted Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Slovak Republic Denisa Saková.

Given the geopolitical development, K. Šaško emphasized in his speech the importance of the nuclear energy, as well. “We strive not only to maintain the current level of the dominant portfolio as regards the nuclear electricity production, but also to increase in the future the share of nuclear capacities,” he said. As he added, despite Slovakia having considerable experience in nuclear energy, yet it must, in this sector and also in other technical fields, deal with the challenges relating to a great shortage of qualified experts in peaceful use of nuclear energy.

On behalf of the STU, The Memorandum of Understanding was signed by its Rector, Dr. h.c. Prof. h.c. Prof. Dr. Ing. Oliver Moravčík and on behalf of Framatome by its CEO Bernard Fontana. As regards the scope, The Memorandum comprises organization of lectures, seminars and training, organization of scientific visits for professors of the university and also the research and development activities. The STU and its Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology will cooperate with Framatome in order to increase the attractiveness of the study field in question in its curricula.

As the STU Rector O. Moravčík stated: "Slovak University of Technology has competence in a number of study fields that are inevitable for a safe and reliable use of nuclear energy and so, as part of fulfilling the declarations signed today, I suppose and personally support the collaboration with Framatome across all workplaces. Highlighting the support provided by the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, I do also underline the necessity of having a clear and specific support in this cooperation and of increasing the university competences in nuclear energy as the backbone of the economy of Slovakia”.

Framatome is a French company that is majority-owned by the Électricité de France and its activities deal with five main areas: nuclear power plant design, steam supply systems, fuel and components design and manufacturing, control and management systems integration and operation and maintenance of all types of nuclear reactors.   


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