Chemicals are part of our everyday life. They are important in all areas of life. They are not only beneficial but they may also endanger human health and the environment. Existing legislation should ensure reduction of the risks associated with the use of chemicals to the maximum extent. Slovakia as an EU Member State applies REACH, CLP, BPR and Regulation on detergents.

Centre for Chemical Substances and Preparations of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic (CCSP) is a state administration body having the status of a national authority of the Slovak Republic in the field of the placing on the market of substances, mixtures, detergents and biocidal products.

On the CCSP's website the national level assistance and information required for the practical application of the legislative requirements on placing chemicals, detergents and biocides on the market are provided.

The information provided is intended to help industry in fulfilling requirements under REACH, CLP, detergents and biocides legislation.



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